Tallinn Day Trip from Helsinki by Viator

Tallinn Day Trip from Helsinki by Viator 塔林位於芬蘭灣的南岸,愛沙尼亞北部。 塔林最大的湖泊是於萊米斯特湖(9.6 平方千米),是城市的主要飲用水源。第二大湖哈爾庫湖(Lake Harku)面積1.6平方千米。與許多大城市不同,塔林唯一較大的河流位於塔林郊區的比力塔(Pirita)地區。其河谷因自然的湖光山色而被列為保護區。 一個石灰岩懸崖貫穿整個城市。塔林的最高點在城市西南部的諾姆爾(Nõmme)區,海拔64米。 塔林的海岸線有46千米長,有3個較大的半島: 高普利半島(Kopli)、巴扎斯薩爾半島(Paljassaare)和卡古馬爾半島(Kakumäe)。




從HELSINSKI to Tallinn 是需要搭遊輪前往,是個很方便的往返方式,請參酎一下遊輪上的各項設備

Tour detail

This private full-day trip takes you to see the beautiful city of Tallinn that looks like fairy tale picture. The Old Town is so charming and medieval it makes you feel as if you have stepped back in time, colorful architecture and a labyrinth of small boutique stores selling something for every taste, such as antiques and handmade souvenirs. This full-day tour starts with a pickup from your Helsinki hotel early in the morning to board the ferry to take you to see the medieval city of Tallinn. You will start this very interesting tour from the harbor with your guide. It takes about 3 hours by foot and before you walk back to the harbor you will have 3-4 hours to spend in the city at leisure.


  • Family friendly

  • Explore the local streets on a walking tour of the city

  • Get inside tips from a local

  • Hotel pickup included

  • Small-group tour

  • Travel by boat and see the sights from the water

The Nordic cross has for long been known by the Estonians. The strong ties and not so amicable battles between the Estonian Vikings and Scandinavian tribes date back to the 13th century. After all, the Estonian sailing vessels were called pirate ships by the Nordic clans for a reason. During the Tallinn Old Town stroll you will learn of the fascinating stories of inhabitants of this Hanseatic pearl. A visit to the upper town reveals legends and true stories of past powers and rules of the country. The uniquely located Toompea Hill hides stunning views over the lower town and boasts of both savage Viking as well as noble past. Today, it's the center of national government and home to Prime Minister's Offices and Chancellery of Chancellor of Justice. Half way down towards the lower town, once a center of medieval trade, you can revel in the legends of the Danish King Garden. This is the place where the rule of Danes started 800 years ago. The charming lower town greets you with a unique atmosphere on the Town Hall Square. Crowning over the location of a medieval market place is the impressive Town Hall building itself. These days, no longer the seat of municipality, the charming venue boasts inviting outdoor cafés and hosts seasonal festivals & fairs instead.

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